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What Folks are Saying about Flying Dragon

"I just got my XS-28, .25 cal, today. It's a beautiful piece, can't wait to try it out, but I don't have a single pellet in the house that fits it. This is my fourth purchase from Mike, I wish everyone gave his kind of service." - Larry

"After speaking with Mike Melick at Flying Dragon I ordered a B26-2 with low comb and lube. The gun arrived today. I'm just plum tickled. The gun has a very nice stock and cocks easier than any adult rifle that I have handled. The action is super smooth and the trigger is the best of any of my guns including my RWS 34P."

"Mike Melick's B25 line are excellent clones of the RWS34. They are tough, powerful, accurate and reliable. Best of all is the price - with a super tuneup from Mike thrown in. He is a super nice guy and one of the most sought after tuners out there."

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Xisico Model XS46U

XISICO XS46U Air Rifle
The Xisico Model XS46U was introduced to U.S. markets in 2010 and features a convenient under lever cocking mechanism. Under lever cocking is popular with many airgun enthusiasts as it allows the barrel to remain in a fixed and immovable position, which is widely believed to improve accuracy and shot to shot consistency. Many shooters also find the underlever design more attractive and similar to traditional firearms in balance and feel. Whatever your preference, the XS46U is an ideal choice for plinking or target shooting and has enough power to serve as a very effective hunting and pesting rifle as well.

This powerful underlever spring air gun is designed for accuracy, ease of operation, and powerful efficiency. This rifle reaches velocities of 950 FPS with .177 caliber pellets and 770 FPS with .22 caliber pellets and has a cocking force of only 28lbs. The Model XS46U also features fiber optic front and adjustable rear sights, a hardwood Monte Carlo style stock, 11mm machined scope rails with scope stop, and a vented rubber recoil pad. This air gun is equipped with an automatic safety and anti-beartrap protection which will not allow the rifle to fire unless it is in the fully cocked position. The Model XS46U is an attractive underlever pellet rifle that combines classic looks with modern engineering to produce a powerful and accurate rifle that will provide years of shooting enjoyment.

The XS46U is available in factory stock configuration or can be ordered with with a Flying Dragon professional performance tune which will improve the smoothness, accuracy and consistency of this quality underlever spring air gun.

Note: We also offer this rifle with a gas ram configuration which replaces the stock spring with a gas charged piston. This conversion improves cocking and shooting cycle smoothness, removes spring twang, and provides a much more durable power plant that can be left cocked for extended periods.




Xisico Model XS46U

Butt Pad- Vented Rubber Pad
Caliber- .177 Safety- Automatic
Cocking Effort- 28lbs Stock- Monte Carlo Design -Wood
Front Sights- Fiber Optic Velocity- 950 FPS-.177 cal 770 FPS .22 cal
Rear Sights- Adjustable FPE- 16+ FPE in 14.3gr .22 cal
Cocking Action- Underlever Power Plant- Spring Piston
Scope Mount-11mm dovetail with Scope Stop Accuracy- 1/5"@10M
Total Length- 44.8" Weight- 8.6 lbs

Note: All rifles ordered in factory stock configuration recieve a basic inspection and test firing over a chrony to ensure proper operation. Most retailers charge extra for this service, making this is an unbeatable value that ensures proper performance straight from the box.

Tuning Options-This gun can be ordered with a professional basic or full tune which improves performance and longevity. All Flying Dragon rifle tunes are performed by Mike Melick, one of the best and most respected names in air gun service and tuning today. Rates for tuning vary according to model and customer requirements. Please e-mail or call us with a detailed description of your desired rifle including the model number for any special tuning requirements beyond our standard options offered when ordering.

To order: Choose your rifle options from the drop down menus below, then click the buy now or add to cart button. You will be taken to PayPal's secure ordering page when ordering. Once your order is complete you'll be returned to Flying Dragon Air Rifles.

We also accept personal checks or USPS money orders. Please send your full name, mailing address, and check or money order payments along with the model number, tune option, and desired caliber to: Flying Dragon, Box 292, Burt, IA, 50522. Orders are processed and shipped once payment is confirmed.

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